We are mgc-fx a company built by pet owners for pet owners.
We provide the best …… for our best friends to help them live their richest, healthiest lives through science-based nutrition, consistent love, care and endless belly rubs.
Our Community
Being a customer of ours means being part of our incredible community.
From our thousands of subscribers, our online community and in-house experts – we all have one thing in common …… We love our pets and want the best for them.
Our Values
Improving the lives of pets
We have only one very important goal here: to improve the lives of all pets.
From providing delicious supplements that support your dog’s joint health, dental health, gut health and more …… we’ve got you covered.
Our Commitment to Quality
If an ingredient, vitamin or mineral isn’t top quality, then it won’t be in any of our products!
Our dedicated team ensures extensive and never-ending research into each supplement, so you can have confidence in all of our products.
Building a Caring Community
Building loving, thriving and active communities around the love of dogs, cats and all pets (no matter their size or shape) is especially important to all of us. We are proud to have thriving communities Earth; digital and physical.