Whole Grain Veggie & Fruit Dehydrated Base Mix


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Dabbled in home cooking, but don’t love the prep work? This Whole Grain Veggie & Fruit Dog Food Base Mix wholesome mix of all-natural, whole Food ingredients that eliminates the prep work associated with home cooking. Simply add warm water, your own source of protein and voila! A homemade meal that you and your pets will love. It’s a winner for raw feeders and homecookers who want to be sure their Dog is getting all of their essential nutrients, and a great choice for Adult and Senior Dogs dealing with meat sensitivities. It’s also 100% human grade, meaning we use the same whole Foods you’d recognize in your own kitchen, and make this recipe in a human Food facility for the highest quality and safety standards.

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Weight 100.00 kg

3 lb, 7 lb

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